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Switch to Parler and Rumble Now! The Deplatformers' Latest Target: Dan Bongino

By Nick Arama | Nov 18, 2020 10:30 PM ET

It unfortunately isn’t a surprise anymore when we hear big tech coming after conservative influencers and pundits.

It seems pretty clear big tech has been bringing the pot up to a slow boil so the frog doesn’t notice it’s being cooked. But we get it, we get we’re being cooked.

watch today's Dan Bongino show above, or on on Rumble.com/bongino


The latest ax to fall is on a big name now in the conservative media universe, Dan Bongino.

Bongino and his various websites were demonetized by Outbrain, which is an online advertising system, without being clear why they were demonetizing them.

It's a warning to all of us that we need to prepare for this picking up and going full bore against all of us. If we think that social media and big tech are going to drop the hammer, and we already see they are, then we better have alternatives… outlets for social media to communicate and other hosts for websites who wouldn’t wilt in the middle of a fight.

That’s why some are fleeing Twitter for other places like Parler.


(and Trumparoo and others)

Join us.

Join Parler.

Join Rumble.

But the time has come to get off the left-wing social media sites where you get censored and shadow-banned regularly. 

Read More on RedState: https://redstate.com/nick-arama/2020/11/18/the-deplatformers-latest-target-dan-bongino-n281953



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