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TRUMPAROO Will Be Offering WEB DEVELOPMENT TRAINING Coming in January 2021


To our Friends and Neighbors: We're actually more bark than bite. Have you ever heard of And1 Basketball? They started out as a trash-talking basketball apparel company that made some edgy t-shirts mostly, but it made them wildly popular among the in-crowd. 

We're kind of following their playbook. Right-wing politics needs a hard-edge, they don't have one besides President Trump, and whether or not he's President, he's extremely limited on the trash-talking he can do. TRUMPAROO is here to provide that, and many other things. We intend to express all of our talents here collectively, all at once, across a network of websites, and you're invited!  

TRUMPAROO Wants to TEACH YOU How to Build Your Own Social Networking Websites, e-Commerce sites and more!!

Have you ever had an idea for a website or iPhone app and wished you knew how to bring it to life? What if we told you your nightmare of having to hire a development team, a marketing company and all the other things that prevented you from bringing your crazy ideas to life, are all just imaginary. It's so simple it'll make you laugh and cry simultaneously!

What if we told you we can get you your own domain name, software, hosting server, logo, artwork and even teach you how to set it up and maintain it... would you take our class???

We'll be honest, it'll cost you about $100 a year.

Your payment to us is your passion and devotion to patriotic values. But your $100 will get you hosting on our server or we'll recommend hosting providers, obtain your initial domain name for you for one year, create your initial logo and show you how to obtain royalty-free artwork to use for your creations.

We'll do lots of things beyond your imagination and $100 actually, we really don't want your money. We're here for one cause...  Patriotism!

Are You???

In less than one week you will be running your own store, social community, pizza delivery service, dating site, or anything else you can imagine. Learn how to reinvent the wheel using someone else's tools! We'll show you how!!

Whether you're new to web app development or want to learn rapid development techniques, TRUMPAROO will give you the knowledge you need to create your own 21st century websites FAST using the TRUMPAROO Methodology!

You will first quickly master basic HTML, the core technology behind almost all websites. You will then quickly learn basic CSS for styling, basic JavaScript to make your pages more dynamic, and basics of database comprehension.


We offer FAST FAST FAST training! We train you as if you were just drafted to go to war while the war is still raging.
You'll learn to make the most of technology that is already available so you can be effective immediately, without worrying too much about what makes the technology work. You'll learn the most important parts up front and you'll learn how to go fill in the blanks later. 

You will dive right into database-driven web application development and e-commerce site creation using Rapid Development Techniques under the TRUMPAROO Methodology. We're extremely adept at bringing imaginations to life in a heartbeat.

A social networking site similar to Trumparoo.com takes us 30 minutes max to bring online. From there it's just fluff! It's no different than reading and responding to the usual social media posts, and posting new photos, only nobody can censor you, it's YOURS!!

Your final project is actually the entire course. There is only ONE project, YOURS! 

You will single-handedly develop your own database-driven web-based social network or e-Commerce site or whatever your imagination brings to us. You'll obtain your own domain name and learn to launch it from the ground up. After completing your IT project, you will then learn how to market, advertise, support, maintain and manage your new creation the TRUMPAROO way!

From there you will go off and continue promoting and touching-up your creation for a period of one year. You'll grow tired of artwork and you'll learn to rotate it regularly while learning to view your site hits and consider all the metrics that are provided daily to see how your marketing is doing against your metrics.

You will mix your talents of art, science, history, literature and individualism with technology, all at the same time from wherever makes you comfortable. Join us in-person in Bloomsburg, PA or Remotely! 

In less than one year, you will have the skills needed to run your own business and/or start an entry-level career in web application development. You'll even have a year's worth of real-life work experience to add to your resume, in addition to your training!


After completing our course with an "A" grade, TRUMPAROO should be added to your resume as a "part-time job" and you should use TRUMPAROO as a reference at your first technical job interview (which we will prepare you for).

As long as you're an "A" student (we only do "A" & "F" here) you'll get the most solid reference from us that you could ever have imagined because in addition to working your regular job, you will be working for TRUMPAROO on a part-time basis for a period of up to one year.


If you don't have $100, don't worry about it! But if you appreciate what we offer and what you've accomplished through our training and methodology, it would be nice if you contributed $100 towards future courses, so others who don't have $100 to get started, can!





Spaces are Limited so SIGN UP NOW!


Please Click Here and Send us a Message if you're interested!





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