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Trumparoo.com is Exploding! The Entire World is Hearing About Us Already!!

What's Funny as Hell is If They Didn't Lock Us Down, TRUMPAROO Wouldn't Be Happening!

We'd be at concerts, sporting events, bars, restaurants, etc.


But instead were doing this! ...and ScummyDemocrats.com and TheRatProject.com and GetTrumparoo.com and DOPAC.org and CovidHoax.org and DropboxWatch.org and a zillion others!

Don't worry, we'll have Single Sign-on Available!! They did NOT see us coming, and they won't! kiss 

It is being brutally proven to us all that the future is not one or two centralized social networks where they control all information, but a HUGE network of niche social networks, all inter-connected by interests, Republican and Democrat for example. 

Yes the world is segregating! But not by race or wealth, it's being done by political preference, go figure! 

Welcome to the alternate "skewed" year 1984, the one where Biff steals the time machine and Marty & Doc end up in this fucked up reality, but one that WE are actually living! The Orwellian nightmare presented by no other than democRATs! 

Fortunately, TRUMPAROO is in the right place at the right time, spewing the words of war, when it is absolutely necessary!

We're here to show you what the niche social networks are going to look like and how we're going to operate.
Think of the Trumparoo Network as a Prototype of things to come! 

If you're a democRAT, why on earth would you want to spend your time here? Go, be with your komrades on one of your own inventions, such as twitter or facebook. 

It's a shame that this is what it's come to. We're not driving this, we're adapting to this! Don't ever forget, all we wanted to do was sell stuffed kangaroos!! We pivoted to what we feel is a mobilization site for when people get censored on the other sites. 

We love Parler and think they are the greatest. We're not trying to compete with them. We're merely providing an alternative to them for anyone who wants a more edgy alternative, and in case they come under attack, we're here for you! 

Thank you for making TRUMPAROO a HUGE success at such an early age!! WE LOVE YOU ALL!  

Love and Respect, 



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