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Our Parade Map for This Saturday, Nov 14 at Noon. Meet on Market St in Bloomsburg

We will be arriving at the FOUNTAIN in the middle of Bloomsburg at High Noon, THIS SATURDAY!!!

We will be setting up tables somewhere near the fountain where we'll be out of the way, with FREE merchandise and FREE pizza,  while supplies last of course!

One item per person and two slices per person PRE-PARADE!!! We'll see what happens after the parade but we'll do our best to keep the local economy stimulated. Please pitch in and patronize some of the great restaurants and stores in town!! 

TRUMPAROO will lead the parade, which we intend to start at 12:30pm. Please line up all along Market Street from the fountain out to Dollar General on Market Street towards the river. Try your best to not block traffic and allow others by while you gather up free merchandise and pizza from our tables near the fountain! cool

At 12:30pm the TRUMPAROO Jeep will start the parade and we'll follow the route below. 

Anyone who wants to break off after stage one, please turn right into town or pull off at the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds and park and wait for the parade to pass. Everyone else, please follow us as we turn left and continue past the Columbia Mall and make our round trip back into town down Iron Street where we can all park and congregate before patronizing some of the Bloomsburg businesses! 

Thank you ALL for your Patriotism, and for standing with TRUMPAROO against the massive disgusting voter fraud! We'll be here with you throughout the entire war, we understand what you're feeling, and so are we, that's why we're doing this. The war needs an honest, hard edge, and we intend to provide just that!! 

We look forward to meeting everyone this Saturday at High Noon!! 

-Trumparoo, enemy of ALL democrats! 






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