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We Have Been Asked to Not Block Traffic on Saturday - Please Respect Bloomsburg it's a Wonderful Town!

We were asked by the police to just not block traffic and to stay on the sidewalks, that they only want people to be safe and traffic to be able to flow freely through town. We respect that and ask that everyone attending this Saturday do the same.

The People of the Bloomsburg area are FANTASTIC People, so is the Police Department, that's the main reason we're here.

They don't want any problems on Saturday and neither do we. They fully support our cause and they fully understand everyone's passions right now so let's do our part and show everyone how grown-ups protest by doing things the right way! 

THANK YOU to the Press Enterprise for being cool and understanding, we love you!! 

THANK YOU to WHLM Radio, you know you're the greatest, we love you!! 

THANK YOU to the Town of Bloomsburg and the Bloomsburg Police Department, we love you too!! 

Our parade route and plans for Saturday's event are all posted on our website. If you missed it, please go look for it, or just show up, it's all good! laughing

Until then, here's something to make you smile....



-Trumparoo, enemy of ALL democRATs


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