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Welcome to Trumparoo, we're glad you're here, unfortunately the time has come for us all to STAND AND FIGHT!!!

All we wanted to do was sell stuffed kangaroos, but fucked up times call for fucked up measures. Democrats have proven to be the scummiest pieces of garbage this country has ever seen, therefore will now become a mobilization base for all Patriots of all walks of life! 

JOIN US NOW! Time is running out. 

Trumparoo is what you get if you cross a kangaroo and President Trump. We're still offering a complete lineup of Trumparoos on our shopping site at, but this site will become a central hub for patriots to join and plan our collective next moves. 

Please create a profile now and start spreading the word that is another place like Parler for patriots to meet and communicate. 

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We only used as one of the tools we felt was necessary to force the shutdown of The Trump Accountability Project website.

We accomplished that in very little time and since it appears we won't be needing any longer, we'll be transferring ownership to an independent gaming group who contacted us and asked us if they can have it. We agreed since they have clearly demonstrated to us that they need it more than we do! 

Because of that, we'll be shutting down tonight at midnight and sending it off to the new Rat Project, free of charge, since we know exactly how it feels to just miss out on a fantastic domain name!


If you look at their game on the links below, we think you'll agree, they earned it! They put a TON of work into it and totally deserve to be the rightful owners of! cool

See below for details... visit their links to their game, it looks like a blast!

my name is Lucas, I am the leader of The Rat Project.

We are an indie gamedev project becoming a studio and working hard on our
first game.

Check our Steam page:

Or our YT channel:

Recently we managed to get our first funding from Kickstarter and literally
the day before we were legally enabled to start spending our kickstart
money to professionalize our efforts, you bought the

Is there be a possibility to sell us the domain back? We dedicated the last
3 years to working on the project under that brand without any remuneration
putting our hearts and souls in it and now... not being able to use the
domain with our brand might actually kill our dream - no publisher will
work with a gamedev studio whose default (.com) domain contains political
content and rebranding at this point basically means suicide.

I would be insanely grateful if you would agree.
Please let me know.



Hi Lucas, I'll be happy to sell you The Rat Project dude it's no problem, I feel your pain my friend, I'm a developer too and I'd be crushed if that happened to me. I really only bought it to use it in order to shut down one of our communist opposition sites that was at The Rat Project has already accomplished its objective for me, opposition has shut down, so I really have no further use for it. It should now be yours Lucas!!

Would $50 USD be an agreeable fee to transfer it to you?

Thank you for reaching out,



Your game looks FANTASTIC by the way Lucas!! Now that I've seen it, I don't want any money to transfer it.

Thank you,

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[VIDEO] GA Election Worker Sneakily Takes “Handoff” of Small Item, and Immediately Conceals It

What the hell is going on in GA?

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Patriots, below is today's RSB Network broadcast from the March for Trump rally in Atlanta starting at noon. If you're looking for an idea on what to expect next weekend when TRUMPAROO joins up with them, this should give you a feel for it. 

You can join our Caravan to the Capitols on Eventbrite here:


Friday, December 4 2020: Join the RSBN crew for live coverage of the March for Trump Bus Tour Rally in Atlanta, GA. The rally will feature several grassroots supporters of President Donald Trump and conservative leaders.


This event is part of a two week bus tour across several states, beginning in West Palm Beach, FL on November 29, 2020 and concluding on December 12, 2020 in Washington, DC Watch
Subscribe to RSBN for more LIVE streams and Breaking NEWS:
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Watch today's massive election fraud hearings in Georgia LIVE via RSB Network



Visit our online store site at where you can get your own Trumparoo!  



-TRUMPAROO, enemy of scummy democRATs!


Visit our sister site at for your daily laugh! 



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The Trump Team has been giving state legislators a rundown of the voter fraud they claim was used to steal the election from Trump to Biden.

China. Venezuela. George Soros. Clinton Foundation. It’s a brief rundown, but the content, if accurate, suggests deep-seated problems at the nation’s now most-infamous voting machine company: Dominion.



The report has several bombshells, they include:

  • In a sworn affidavit, a former high-ranking Venezuelan Military Officer states that the Smartmatic software was designed so that votes could be changed without being detected, and was set up so that there would be no public evidence of tampering with votes
  • Dominion is also tied to the Clinton Foundation, as well as several state-run Venezuelan software and telecommunications companies, which had been involved with rigging elections for authoritarian leaders, like Hugo Chavez, and Nicolas Maduro
  • In 2014, Lord Malloch Brown became the chairman of the board of SGO Corporation Limited, a holding company based in London whose primary asset is Smartmatic electronic voting machine technology. Lord Malloch-Brown is a member of the British House of Lords, and a former vice-chairman of George Soros’ Investment Funds, and former vice-president at the World Bank.
  • Dominion voting machine components are made in China, subject to possible manipulation.
  • Dominion’s instruction manual explains how votes can be wiped away in an instant, with the capability of “dragging and dropping” votes to a separate folder, then deleting that folder entirely.
  • Brian Mechler, who conducted an inspection of Dominion electronic voting machines for the Secretary of State of Texas in 2019, said in an affidavit that the Dominion systems are so outdated that they are not even supported by Google from a security standpoint. For this reason, the affiant cites that it is unclear how Dominion could have met its obligations to maintain adequate security practices, or secure any faith in this system or its results.

TRENDING: MI Poll Challenger’s Response To Unhinged MI Dem Rep Who Called Her A Liar, Is Mic Drop Moment [VIDEO]

This is an explosive report.

You can read the entire report here



Let Them Eat Weeds: 
Globalist Elites at World Economic Forum Tell Public to Start Eating Weeds

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Will Alito vote for the American people and The Constitution or has he also been compromised?


All eyes are focused like lasers right now on Justice Alito.

Will he do the right thing for the American people, or has he been compromised as well?

The reason for the focus on Alito is because a lawyer for Sean Parnell is getting set to file an application to Justice Alito that asks the Supreme Court to block the Pennsylvania certification.

The argument the lawyer is making is that the mail-in ballots in PA are unconstitutional.

During his interview with the lawyer Greg Teufel, Loud Dobbs once again expressed deep frustration with AG Bill Barr, who refuses to acknowledge any sort of wrongdoing in the 2020 election.

Meanwhile, hundreds of American whistleblowers have come forward and stated under oath about the fraud and “irregularities” they’ve witnessed firsthand, and countless data analysts have spoken out about the anomalies and down-right absurdities they’ve found, not to mention all the strange things we’ve all seen and heard with our own eyes and ears.

Even so, the DOJ and the GOP have completely checked-out of this process.

MORE NEWS: Report: Here’s How Barr’s Durham “Special Counsel” Appointment Just Sabotaged Trump

At some point, I think we all need to ask ourselves a very important question: Are the people being the quietest key players in this coup?

You can watch the video below:


I understand that this feels really disheartening and cruddy at times, but these are the moments when we must fight hardest.

The media, led by the turncoats over at Fox News are trying to “install” a fake president, and they’re running a lot of propaganda to help make that happen.

Do not believe them.

Tune out those lies, turn off the media (especially Fox News) and keep fighting.


What can you do to fight?

Share information, crush their narrative, call your state and local reps and demand they investigate the 2020 election and back up President Trump.

Fight for Trump, your vote, your country, and fight for your family by letting your voice be heard loud and clear.

Never submit or surrender.

It will get darker before the dawn.


Attn: Wayne Dupree is a free speech champion who works tirelessly to bring you news that the mainstream media ignores. But he needs your support in order to keep delivering quality, independent journalism. You can make a huge impact in the war against fake news by pledging as little as $5 per month. Please click here to help Wayne battle the fake news media.

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Watch today's massive election fraud hearings below via RSB Network:





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Dear Scummy democRATs, 

You seriously shot yourselves in the foot with this one. All you did was piss everyone off, make us come together as Americans, make us more patriotic, and in the process you're showing yourselves to all of us just how deeply scummy and evil you all are. 

Y'all fucked up YUGE with this massive voter fraud. It's connected to China and most likely y'all agreed together as scummy communists to release the china virus. Any subhuman scummy enough to try and defraud the American people certainly has no morals whatsoever, so doesn't it all make sense that they did this together? Remember Hunter's laptop??

Democrats are SO unbelievably SCUMMY we went and created our own website to "honor" them...

If you haven't been there yet, visit - You're welcome! 


LIVE: Sidney Powell and Lin Wood Hold Press Conference in Atlanta 12/2/20



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FBI Director Chris Wray and now fired CISA Chris Krebs claimed before the 2020 election that everything was secure and nothing to worry about. 

They even went so far as to put a video together to make their claims:

Shortly after the 2020 election, which will go down as the most corrupt and fraudulent election in world history, Krebs and a group of Deep State colleagues claimed that the election was secure (nothing to see here).   This prompted President Trump to terminate Krebs’ position with the government.  FOX News reported:

TRENDING: AG Barr Destroys His Name for All Eternity - His Actions Today Confirm He Is Just Another Card-Carrying Swamp Rat

President Trump fired top U.S. cybersecurity official Chris Krebs on Tuesday, days after the agency Krebs led issued a statement that categorically rejected the Trump campaign’s allegations of voter fraud during the 2020 election.

Krebs served as Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, a branch of the Department of Homeland Security tasked with protecting the 2020 election from hackers. Trump’s tweet on Krebs’ firing appeared to reference a recent joint statement from CISA and other committees that declared the Nov. 3 election was the “most secure in American history.”

The President announced Krebs’ firing in a pair of tweets which Krebs responded to:


Krebs next went on 60 Minutes and shared that the 2020 election was secure claiming he was a victim:

Of course the 2020 election was the most corrupt election in world history.  Banana republics have nothing on the Democrats.  They contaminated the election with bogus ballots, manipulated results from easily corrupted voting machines and numerous cases of voter fraud.

If we had a fair and free Justice Department, individuals like Wray and Krebs would be investigated for colluding to validate a corrupt and dishonest election – the worst in US and world history.
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Rudy is on fire today, what an amazing patriot he is. 

God Bless Rudy Guiliani! 


Link to RSB Network's Live Feed is in this Article:


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(Natural News) President Trump won the 2020 election well before Nov. 3rd, and he did it by knowing his enemy and the tactics they would try to use to steal votes and rig the outcome.

He knew them so well that he signed an executive order on September 12, 2018 which described the very acts of vote rigging and fraud in which the Democrats sloppily engaged.


That executive order, found at this link on, specifically finds that, “the ability of persons located, in whole or in substantial part, outside the United States to interfere in or undermine public confidence in United States elections, including through the unauthorized accessing of election and campaign infrastructure or the covert distribution of propaganda and disinformation, constitutes an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.”

In that order, Trump declared a national emergency, meaning the 2020 election took place under a national emergency order. This allowed Trump and white hat elements inside the DoD to set up a SCIF and monitor the election theft happening in real time. Trump allowed the Democrats to steal the election, in other words, so that they would entrap themselves in a grand scheme of treason and cyber warfare that would ultimately lead to the downfall of the entire Democrat party.

Trump then dispatched DoD personnel to raid server farms in Frankfurt, Barcelona and Toronto, acquiring the physical servers that recorded all the digital proof of the election fraud. These servers, along with results from Kraken, the DoD’s cyber warfare information gathering system, were handed over to DIA cyber crimes and counterterrorism analysts, who produced irrefutable, bombshell evidence that was turned over to Sidney Powell for use in her lawsuits. Powell is going to roll out these military intelligence witnesses during the trials, sending shockwaves around the world.

Trump, it turns out, is running an “Art of War” scenario on the Democrats. He feigns weakness where he has strength. He feigns strength where he is weak. He attacks in unexpected ways, and he already planned the full victory of this entire election battle long before the election even began. Democrats vastly underestimated Trump because they believed their own characterizations of him as a “stupid” person. So they carried out wholesale, brazen election theft under the assumption that Trump was too stupid to notice, while in reality, Trump had laid the trap for them to walk right into. And emboldened by their own arrogance and lust for power, they fell for it.

Now, Trump has everything. He has the CIA’s servers, the proof of cyber warfare, the names of those who carried out these crimes and all the evidence that will allow SCOTUS to overturn the results in most of the swing states. Trump is now calmly watching Democrats and GOP turncoats continue to hang themselves with acts of betrayal and treason, even as Trump already knows the end result: A second term for Donald J. Trump, and the destruction of the Democrat party as hundreds (or even thousands) of top Democrats are arrested and imprisoned.

Soon, you will see nationwide calls for Biden to concede. As the Kraken evidence comes out, the world will be stunned. The People will be outraged, and Biden will be very lucky to escape without ending up in prison. America will overcome this insidious attempt at an illegal cyber warfare attack, and elections will be secured from this day forward.

Listen to today’s Situation Update to learn even more

I’m posting today’s Situation Update in two parts, each about 45 minutes in duration. (There’s a lot to cover today.) I will also be posting another Situation Update tomorrow (Sunday).

This is Part One:


Part Two:


In the mean time, enjoy this fascinating new interview with Monkey Werx, an expert in military flight traffic analysis, who talks about covert “rendition flights” that are under way right now.



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